For many years I have been reading and gingerly exploring Taoist and Zen writings.  I generally like to have some of the very simple symbols from these traditions in mind while creating photographs!  Sometimes I like to think of myself, other people, trees, birds, tiny creatures, mountains, sunsets, flowers, and the myriad of other things as manifestations, waves, or currents in some kind of intimate interconnected flow ..... what can I say? This influences how I want to relate to the world and how I want to create photographs.


And now tragically losing my son forever in faraway Ukraine.... 



This from Thich Nhat Hanh…


When you look at the surface of the ocean, you can see waves coming up and going down.  You can describe these waves in terms of high or low, big or small, more vigorous or less vigorous, more beautiful or less beautiful.  You can describe a wave in terms of beginning and end, birth and death.  


Looking more deeply, we can also see that waves are at the same time water.  Water is free from the birth and death of the wave.  Water is free from high and low, more beautiful and less beautiful.  You can talk in terms of more beautiful or less beautiful, high or low, only in terms of waves.  As far as water is concerned, all these concepts are invalid. 

Daniel Wickwire